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Pocket parfumes

POCKET PARFUMES are luxury perfumes made by an English company that aims to develop and produce top perfume products. We offer perfumes in special pocket packs that you can keep up your hand throughout the day. We want our customers to offer perfumes at favorable prices in top quality.

Women's perfume CHARLOTTE

A light, floral scent with a young spirit that is sprawling and cheering on the joy of life. At the very beginning, he reveals his personality with a sparkling touch of perfect triple combinations of freesia, peony and licorice. Then, a heady heart blossoms with a predominant and immortal rose. The amazing finish shade of the entire composition is complemented by an amber and natural cedar. I'm interesting in.

Women's perfume JACQUELINE

Perfume characterizing a woman with a sense of taste that has her own style of life and is surrounded by beautiful things. Caught in the fragrance of Jacqueline entering the hall with crystal chandeliers, it instantly attracts the attention of all gentlemen. I'm interesting in.

Men's fragrance PHILLIPE

The smell of sporty men gives them a sense of attraction. It will radiate energy and harmony and promote their sense of fair play. I'm interesting in.

Men's perfume PIERRE

Pierre is a batch of natural ingredients, selected according to the strictest criteria, almost acting as excessive. It features brilliant, juicy bergamot freshness from Reggio di Calabria. The aroma is very woody and is characterized by ambrox, obtained from rare amber. Pierre is inspired by the vast landscape. The azure blue sky, under which the hot, desert landscape full of minerals is covered. I'm interesting in.